Re: [mu TECH] [mu SETUP] Laptop lockups

From: sime1brt (
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 21:34:57 CET

At 13.47 08/03/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I like mulinux on my old Toshiba T1850 laptop (386SX25, 8MB RAM). The
>installation was free of trouble and a previous full linux installation was
>running forever without problems. With mulinux the laptop freezes after
>some time (ca. 10 minutes). I can not reproduce the error, but I suspect
>swap and serial. The lockups always occured at the command line and no
>programm running. I have limited capabilities to telnet into the laptop,
>so I did not try it.

        I am NOT a Linux user, and i am NOT a tech, but i'm asking myself...
muLinux is a system that runs in memory. So, it may be that your laptop has
got something like a "sleep" function, and this function automatically
starts when you don't use hd for lot of time... Maybe this?!?! :D

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