[mu ANNOUNCE] Direct UMSDOS installation

From: Michele Andreoli (andreoli@pisoft.it)
Date: Sun Mar 21 1999 - 13:11:09 CET


I implemented for next release a new installation path: the direct
DOS->UMSDOS installation, skipping the floppy's creation phase.

I don't like them, sure, because it can confuse some user, corrupting
the primary floppy/transportable nature of muLinux. A floppy muLinux
can clone itself in UMSDOS, but a UMSDOS muLinux can't clone itself
into floppies.

Anyway, some new user, with machine without floppy drive or old floppy
controller, asked me for this feature.

Actually, the path are:

        /etc/rc.dosinstall --->
                              |-----> /etc/rc.prep-floppy
                              |-----> /etc/rc.prep-umsdos

This path is actived with INFO=dosinstall (loadlin boot prompt parameter,
in install.bat) and DOS user is prompted for a choice.

In any case, you say, this stuff can be overriden with the init= switch,
bringing Linux is some other unconfigured state. Ex:

        c:> loadlin mulinuz initrd=root.gz init=/etc/rc.1

put muLinux at level ONE (maintenance level).

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Con la prossima versione di muLinux, si potra' installare dal DOS
direttamente in c:\linux, senza fare preliminarmente i floppy.
Di questa possibilita' si era parlato tempo fa sulla lista e non c'e'
un'autentica ragione per non implementarla, eccetto una certa
incongruenza "filosofica".



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