[mu ANNOUNCE] muLinux 5r0 "Benigni" released

From: Michele Andreoli (andreoli@pisoft.it)
Date: Fri Mar 26 1999 - 21:30:44 CET

>From README.change

Version 5r0 "Benigni"
        o direct DOS->UMSDOS installation capability
        o DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration (setup eth)
        o hdparm (rustic C) and "setup standby"
        o SoundBlaster on IRQ5 (definitively)
        o added console beeper support to "wave" (-c switch)
        o ddsbasic, basic interpreter (GCC)
        o wm2 window manager #3 (X11)
        o LD_LIBRARY_PATH for fdformat binary (mu script)
        o new programmable pager "muless"
        o printf (rustic C) and awk (nawk)
        o a better "ps" with printf
        o rustic (awk) "sort" command
        o rustic (awk) "tail" command
        o rustic (awk) "uniq" command
        o rustic (awk) "pr" command
        o fixed bug in "tee" (spurious log on stderr)
        o fixed bug in "date" (spurious new-line)
        o changes to pop3.pro and fetchmail
        o Cc: and multi-address support for sendmail
        o new "help", new "info" (with muless)
        o Pion: muLinux File Manager (with muless)
        o Rustic suck (suck.pro): usenet newsfeed
        o RNA v0.2 News&Mail Reader (muless based)
        o Mon: resource monitor (muless based,beta)
        o wd and smc-ultra ethernet card modules
        o small-lynx (only HTTP and MAIL support)
        o new man-pages with color support (GCC)
        o small bug in gccconfig fixed (GCC)

What you have to download:

- Don't download DOSTOOLS.zip: older DOS installer work fine with 5.0.
- GCC is not changed: only new manpages and an inexential bug fixed
  in gccconfig.
- X11 changed: wm2 window manager


My main effort has been: muless and related mini-apps. RNA is, now,
a very complex script. Many bugs & malfunctions expected. But I can't
to test everything by myself. "suck" is ok.

My affliction is lynx: small lynx (260k) is very poor, compared to his
size: only outgoing HTTP and MAIL support. No directory browsing, no ftp.

Quark is temporarily removed: I whish to rewrite them with muless, in
the future, enhancing the "tag stripping" process in some way.

Work is not finished: the new KB's free in floppy #1 should be filled
with new ideas.

         ncftp? syslog ? /bin/login+passwd ? in.rlogind ?

But I wan't put in muLinux binaries without some attempt of slim them;
this requires a lot of time!

In particular, with the `awk` accession, many new powerful scripts could be
implemented: can anyone to contribute? (Manzini!) A desktop calculator
like `bc '?


<ITALIAN alt="mediterranean brothers">

Dicevo che la maggior parte delle novita' sono concentrate nell'archivio
mulinux-5r0.tgz, per cui non occorre, in linea di principio, scaricare
gli altri. Tutto lo sforzo e' stato concentrato sulla scrittura/riscrittura
di piccole applicazioni con la nuova interfaccia programmabile muless.

Tenete presente che sono comunque in uno stato provvisorio e che
potranno essere ampliate e migliorate in seguito. Provate:

                - RNA - pion - info - help - mon

In particolare, "mon" (resource monitor) non e' completato: aspetto
altre idee su cosa sia possibile monitorare in Linux con semplici scripts.

C'e' "parecchio" spazio ora, sul floppy: ma non voglio riempirlo a casaccio.
Prima voglio provare a ridurre i binari corrispondenti, a misura di
mulinux (cioe' sotto i 20k). Chi conosce un po' Linux, sa di cosa muLinux
gravemente abbisogna; bastano i nomi:

                /bin/login, passwd, syslogd, ...

per evocare il dramma? :)))

il vostro affezionato Michele.

Mi sarebbe piaciuto concludere con un'affermazione positiva, ma
non me ne vengono in mente. Vanno bene due negative?
						-- Woody Allen

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