Re: [mu tech] day of week ?

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 17:17:35 CEST

Am 30.03.1999, 02:05:56, schrieb Andrea Manzini:

> Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:
> >
> > So if you want some more people thinking about a solution of
> > the problem please be nice and speak English...

> I asked the original problem (finding the day of week) in a sort
> of english, but I got no reply except from Michele :(
> Maybe you're interested in awk, like me ? Have you got a
> solution ?

Not really a solution, but i am thinking about it.

I only wanted to mention that it is difficult to follow an italian

As is just posted an article on muLinux in the german printed edition
'Linux-Magazin' i could imagine some more people from Germany,
Austria, Swiss... listening to this mailing list, who also will prefer
english postings.

> take it easy ;)

Sure, i do. :-))

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