Re: [mu tech] day of week ?

From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1999 - 02:29:44 CEST

Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:

> > I asked the original problem (finding the day of week) in a sort
> > of english, but I got no reply except from Michele :(
> > Maybe you're interested in awk, like me ? Have you got a
> > solution ?
> Not really a solution, but i am thinking about it.

I think that I will rewrite my partial done job... I'm afraid that nawk
don't support "strftime" internal function... Right, Michele ?
> As is just posted an article on muLinux in the german printed edition
> 'Lin> Austria, Swiss... listening to this mailing list, who also will prefer
> english postings.

you're right... We sometimes forget that we are also european, more than
Italian ;)

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