Re: [mu OT + TECH + SETUP]Hi guys - IN ENGLISH

From: Ben Weatherall (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 13:16:56 CEST

 I have been listening and saw a message I sent to Michelle, I think she was
 using it as an example of AI in use - this is a good example (although the
 translator is quite inefficient),

Exact! I forwarded this mesg for this purpose: an example of AI.
This my action has irritate you, I fear. If answer is YES, i'm sorry.
Ben, excuse me!

Woah, I'm not offended. In fact I love that you did it, I'm all for AI and
enjoy seeing the sceptics getting it shoved back in thier faces. My anger
was at the people who put AI down to a passing fad, a 'buzz-word' of the

Your english is improving, this message is much more readable than the
others, I wish I could say the same for my Italian.

I love AI: my first program (on a Amiga 1000!) was been an Eliza emulator
in Basic (fabula). I rewrote them in Pascal and in C.

I too have tryed to write an AI program but it isn't nearly complete (called
ACE - Artificial Conversational Entity), I would love to see the code for
your Eliza emulator (all 3 languages if I can, I am trying to learn C, am
adept with Pascal and learnt BASIC at the age of 8 with a Commodoe 64)

Ben Weatherall

P.S. Sorry I thought you were female, my mistake.

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