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From: Ben Weatherall (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 13:08:07 CEST

Welcome, Ben!

Thanks Andrea,

 I have been listening and saw a message I sent to Michelle, I think she was

ALT! Stop it! "Michele" (with a single "L") in Italy is a male name :)

Oh, right so MULinux was written by a malew then, sorry about that . . .
over here the male version of Michelle or Michele is Michael!

 using it as an example of AI in use - this is a good example (although the
 translator is quite inefficient), do not write this field off . . . it is
 already doing more than you may think - the nucleur power station just down
 your road is probably using computer AI systems which can decide when to
 shut down the reactor!

well, we have no nuclear reactors in our country...

Okay then how about hospital machines, they 'decide' when to alert doctors
and nurses. Some even make calls on how much medication to give patients.
And then theres air control, much of that can be done by AI now.

 Incidentally, anyone know how to copy a downloaded X11.tgz file to a Linux
 formatted floppy using Win95 or MSDOS?

since the file won't fit in a single 1.44 floppy, just split in two archives
using pkzip, winzip, arj, rar or what is your favourite compressor.

so then the Linux setup will accept the files from the disks even though
they will be MSDOS formatted and not MULinux formatted?

Ben Weatherall

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