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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sat Apr 10 1999 - 00:53:58 CEST

On Thu, Apr 08, 1999 at 12:08:07PM +0100, Ben Weatherall wrote:
> Welcome, Ben!
> since the file won't fit in a single 1.44 floppy, just split in two archives
> using pkzip, winzip, arj, rar or what is your favourite compressor.
> so then the Linux setup will accept the files from the disks even though
> they will be MSDOS formatted and not MULinux formatted?

I cannot answer, because I don't understand what you want, really.

"Hypothesis non fingo", sayd Rene' Descartes (Cartesio, in italiano).

Hyp 1)

You have a PC without Internet connection and you want to tranport on them
the various muLinux archives, using floppies.
Solution: pkunzip with multi-volume option (-&), splitting all the archives
in many (floppy) parts; put this floppy in destination PC, pkunzip the disks
set in c:\mlinux, rebuilding origanals one. Now, normal DOS install follow.

Hyp 2)

You want do that because 1.44M seem not enough for muLinux X11.tgz.
No problem: muLinux do itself him floppy! Put X11.tgz in installation
temporary directory, with DOSTOOLS.tgz, and mulinux.tgz. If some
problem occurr in last archive, due to DOS file name lenght limitation,
rename mulinux-VERSION.tgz in mulinux.tgz. Issue "install.bat" now.

Hyp 3

You can to experiment, stressing muLinux setup with unexpected floppy
format :)))

Michele (Michael)

Mi sarebbe piaciuto concludere con un'affermazione positiva, ma
non me ne vengono in mente. Vanno bene due negative?
						-- Woody Allen

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