From: Jens Puruckherr (
Date: Tue Apr 20 1999 - 11:06:35 CEST


I've got some problems installing mulinux on a Compaq 386SX20 Laptop;
2MB Ram bulit in; 4MBRam PCMCIA; 60MB HD inkl Dockingstation with eth0
and CDROM. It's no problem to boot from startdisk and install the image
in ramdisk. To unpack the /usr needs ca. 1 hour (normal?).
It's possible to login as root and have a look at the dirtree. But now:
"Clone" starts, but I get only the message "cannot fork". If I start
fdisk manually, I get the same massage. What does it mean? Its not
possible to create any partition or format an existing.

I've tried with creating partitions under DOS and with no partitions. On
Install I've no defined/have defined any swap-partition. The kernel
detects the Hardware (RAM,HD,CDROM) fine at start, there should be no
problem. What else can I do?

Jens Puruckherr

Sorry, my english is not so good.....:-(

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