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Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 21:37:14 CEST

Hallo Jens,

das ist vermutlich nicht gerade das, was Du wissen wolltest, doch nach
den frustrierenden Meldungen der anderen, eifrigen
Mailinglist-Teilnehmer hab' ich mich mal nach einer
Aufruestmoeglichkeit umgesehen...

Kingston bietet RAM fuer Compaq Rechner hier an:

Viel Erfolg,


I mentioned the possibility to enhance the Laptop's RAM...

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Am 20.04.1999, 11:06:35, schrieb Jens Puruckherr <> zum
Thema Install-Problems:

> Hi!

> I've got some problems installing mulinux on a Compaq 386SX20 Laptop;
> 2MB Ram bulit in; 4MBRam PCMCIA; 60MB HD inkl Dockingstation with eth0
> and CDROM. It's no problem to boot from startdisk and install the
> in ramdisk. To unpack the /usr needs ca. 1 hour (normal?).
> It's possible to login as root and have a look at the dirtree. But
> "Clone" starts, but I get only the message "cannot fork". If I start
> fdisk manually, I get the same massage. What does it mean? Its not
> possible to create any partition or format an existing.

> I've tried with creating partitions under DOS and with no partitions.
> Install I've no defined/have defined any swap-partition. The kernel
> detects the Hardware (RAM,HD,CDROM) fine at start, there should be no
> problem. What else can I do?

> Thanks
> Jens Puruckherr

> Sorry, my english is not so good.....:-(

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