Re: Install-Problems

From: Jens Puruckherr (
Date: Wed Apr 21 1999 - 14:57:44 CEST

> > I've got some problems installing mulinux on a Compaq 386SX20 Laptop;
> > 2MB Ram bulit in; 4MBRam PCMCIA; 60MB HD inkl Dockingstation with eth0
> > and CDROM. It's no problem to boot from startdisk and install the image
> > in ramdisk. To unpack the /usr needs ca. 1 hour (normal?).
> With only 2MB yes :( PCMCIA is unreachable for muLinux.

1. The bios of the Laptop counts the Ram up to 6MB on boot before OS
starts (biosdriver?)
2. On muLinux-boot comes the message 4724/6144 K available.
3. Ramdisk driver initialized: 16 ramdisks of 4600K size

The Ram in the PCMCIA is unreachable for Linux????

> > It's possible to login as root and have a look at the dirtree. But now:
> > "Clone" starts, but I get only the message "cannot fork". If I start
> > fdisk manually, I get the same massage. What does it mean? Its not
> > possible to create any partition or format an existing.
> Low memory. Without a swap in your DOS partition you can do nothing.
> >
> > I've tried with creating partitions under DOS and with no partitions. On
> > Install I've no defined/have defined any swap-partition. The kernel
> > detects the Hardware (RAM,HD,CDROM) fine at start, there should be no
> > problem. What else can I do?
> swap, please!

Ok, ok. I've tried again with repartitioning the HD with one Dos
Partition -
and I'm installing muLinux at this moment with a 16 MB
Let's look what happens...unpacking /usr since 08:16.....08:21.....hmmm,
happy swapping...08:32...we're waiting....09:11..."Wait,wait...
:-)"...1hour,40min later...hey, it feels good at 10:38 clock.../usr is

So...configure /tmp...of course...size hmm... It says 1024KB to me. Is
it enough?
I say 2048K...enter. Now mke2fs...blink,blink...seems ok...ports - no!
Hey, at 11:12 runlevel 5, welcome to muLinux...what a speed ;-)
12 minutes it still alive?...yes!!! 11:39'crazy
blink,blink...ile rev.2.01...blink...and:Cannot fork Sh... promt:

So, lets have a look at the filesystem:

1. "free"... does'nt talk to me

what is he doing? The HD-lamp is full in action!

         total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 4837376 4636672 200704 40986 3555328 1096
Swap: 16M 1036288 15,3M

MemTotal: 4724 KB
MemFree: 196 KB
MemShared: 4 KB
Buffers: 3472 KB
Cached: 4 KB
SwapTotal: 15966 KB
SwapFree: 14984 KB

2. "mount" at 13:05...lets make tea... 13:10...(tea is'nt ready):

/dev/ram0 on / ...
/dev/ram1 on /usr...
/dev/ram2 on /tmp...
/dev/hda1 on /swap type umsdos (rw) (!!! swap seems ok)

3. "ps ax" ....Cannot fork!

Why is the system sooo slow??

4. "clone"

Oh, news: "Bus error" Whats that? I've never seen this message before!
And what does the HD-lamp???

aah.../bin/clone: Cannot fork What else...

.....I give up, I've to go to work sometimes....

Has anybody an idea?
To be continiued :-(


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