Re: Install-Problems

From: Johannes Niess (
Date: Wed Apr 21 1999 - 16:21:22 CEST

At 02:57 PM 4/21/99 +0200, you wrote:
>> > I've got some problems installing mulinux on a Compaq 386SX20 Laptop;
>> > 2MB Ram bulit in; 4MBRam PCMCIA; 60MB HD inkl Dockingstation with eth0
>> > and CDROM. It's no problem to boot from startdisk and install the image
>> > in ramdisk. To unpack the /usr needs ca. 1 hour (normal?).
>2. On muLinux-boot comes the message 4724/6144 K available.
>So, lets have a look at the filesystem:
>1. "free"... does'nt talk to me
> total used free shared buffers cached
>Mem: 4837376 4636672 200704 40986 3555328 1096
>Swap: 16M 1036288 15,3M
>MemTotal: 4724 KB
>MemFree: 196 KB
>MemShared: 4 KB
>Buffers: 3472 KB
>Cached: 4 KB
>SwapTotal: 15966 KB
>SwapFree: 14984 KB

You can try to switch all bios power saving features off.

The pcmia memory might be slow to access. Do you remember the problems on
old Pentium boards that can't cache more that 64MB? Perhaps you have
something similar.

UMSDOS is not the fastest filesystem. How slow is your hard disk? Given the
size and age I would estimate a speed of 300 kB/sec. If you swap a lot...

You are at a point were every KB of memory counts. Try to build your own,
smaller kernel. If don't need your laptop for 2 weeks, you can try
compiling on the laptop. Otherwise you need your faster desktop...

Johannes Niess

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