Re: Extensions-addon disk

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 08:59:44 CEST

Am 26.04.1999, 16:35:59, schrieb Michele Andreoli:

> A developing line can be that: moving modules not related to
> connectivity to general modules floppy #2 (EXT).
> I think sound, fax, etc.
> On floppy #1 only file-system module and popular eth module.

> If with "DIAG tools" you mean trafshow, traceroute, nc, sniffit,
> etc this still remains on the base floppy!
> My problems are modules!

> I'm going to modify "setup" script, implementing a multi-floppy
> modules database (managed by /etc/modules.conf)

Michele, all of this sound very good to me, just go on that way! :-)

> Furthermore, I would like to mount an NT partition and an
> Iomega Zip, if necessary, with a little overload: put another
> little floppy in my trouser pockets and go!

Even better!

<!-- Start of OT part: -->

> > Greetings from sunny Hamburg, the Venezia of the North,

> Uhmm ... And Amsterdam? Too much mirror for Venezia!

Oops, i thought nobody would notify my little inaccuracy. :-(

But nevertheless: 'Hamburg ist eine Reise wert!'. :-)
                  (Hamburg is worth a journey.)

Of course ONE thing should be clear for everybody traveling from
South to North for visiting Hamburg: If you will NOT make a stop
in Trier (Treviri) and see my fine hometown you surely will
regret it when comming home and being asked:
   Haven't you seen that great Constantin Basilika
   up there in Germany ?
Truly: i am NOT sure if there really is an ancient
       roman building like that one to be found in whole Italy!



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