From: Steven Darnold (steven.darnold@suncity.gen.nz)
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 08:49:18 CEST

I'm having trouble getting onto the internet with muLinux.
I type: ppp-on
I see: Please, wait ..........................
I hear: my modem dial and connect
That's all. I wait and wait. Nothing happens.
If I pick up the phone and listen, I can hear my ISP growling.
So PAP authentication must have worked OK (because I think
my ISP drops carrier when authenication fails).
My screen still says: Please, wait ...................
So I wait for a minute. Still no change.
I press CTRL-C and type ppp-off.
That says: Disconnected.
And when I pick up the phone and listen, I hear the dial tone.
So why is the ppp-on script hanging?
BTW I have no problem getting onto the internet with Arachne
or IE (bletch!). It only takes a few seconds to start
browsing after I hear my modem connect.
Can anyone help?

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