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From: Esben Haabendal Soerensen (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 21:22:24 CEST

>>>>> "Michele" == Michele Andreoli <> writes:

Karl-Heinz> is it true that new muLinux Homepage will be in
Karl-Heinz> ??
Esben> I have created the accounts for the muLinux account, but it
Esben> seems like Michele has not got it working yet.... But we are
Esben> 99% set.

Michele> You surely will laugh of that, but (starting from my ISP
Michele> censorship) I discovered this: the quality of my internet
Michele> connection is so low that I cannot upload anything anywhere!

Michele> This evening I tryed to upload to dk sunsite: logon is OK,
Michele> but I can to listen any single bit going through to telephone
Michele> line :)

And all the stuff is currently on your own personal computer ?

Michele> A temporary problem, I'm sure: if I can upload to
Michele> (Brasil), I should upload to Niels Bohr
Michele> country.

If your trouble were specifically to us I think I know what probably
caused them :-)

Yesterday, as you probably know, RedHat 6.0 was released. RedHat ran
into trouble with their ftp site (again!), and we ended up being the
one that most of the other mirrorsites mirrored from. At the same
time we had almost 300 normal users downloading it. We had an average
upstream of ~17Mb :-))

This actually caused trouble for a router on the danish research
backbone network. Our big Sun ES3500 was not even sweating, but the
research net backbone almost came to a halt :-)

Have you tried again today ? The problems seems to have been fixed.

Michele> I apologize for that. In Germany/Deutchland ISDN connection
Michele> are normal; in Italy we still got some kind of analogic
Michele> primitive technology, and I cannot understand why Deutch
Michele> Telekom want to buy Italian Telecom.

Haha :-) I am the lucky and happy owner of a 3Mbit cable modem :-)

Michele> If I send you a IOMEGA zip floppy containing the muLinux
Michele> archives using normal postal route, we can to realize the
Michele> biggest digital traffic never seen crossing the Alpes :)))

Hehe. I don't have a zip drive, but I guess I would be able to find
someone with one.

But lets hope your ISP connection gets better.

Michele> Michele (Mike, Michael - a male name)

I known. I spent last summer at CERN where one of my friends was an
italian guy also named Michele. Funny thing with these names :-)


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