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From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 21:03:14 CEST

Am 27.04.1999, 22:50:33, schrieb Michele Andreoli:

> > Karl-Heinz> is it true that new muLinux Homepage will be in
> > Karl-Heinz> ??
> >
> > Esben> I have created the accounts for the muLinux account,
> > but it seems like Michele has not got it working yet....
> > But we are 99% set.

> You surely will laugh of that, but (starting from my ISP censorship)
> I discovered this: the quality of my internet connection is so low
> that I cannot upload anything anywhere!

> This evening I tryed to upload to dk sunsite: logon is OK, but
> I can to listen any single bit going through to telephone line :)

       Michele, shall i send an ANGRY letter to your ISP ?

It seems as if HE did cut your bandwidth,
i am really disappointed by this behavior...

> I apologize for that. In Germany/Deutchland ISDN connection
> are normal;

Oh no, they are very expensive: more that DM 40,- per month!
I will never allow Telekom to get that large sum of my money.

> in Italy we still got some kind of analogic primitive
> technology, and I cannot understand why Deutch Telekom
> want to buy Italian Telecom.

The reasons should be obvious:

1. They want to make many people loose their jobs!
   (so Telekom will save much money)

2. They want to become one of the worlds largest
   telecommunication syndikates!

3. They want to become rich!

Ok, i am never against the idea of becoming rich :-)
but i really don't like the idea of having word-wide-companies
of that size, so at home as often as possible i take the chance
to communicate through the channels of other, smaller companies.

Hope to hear more about Aalborg soon!



postscriptum Please allow this correction:
               The words 'deutsch' and 'Deutschland'
               are written with 'sch' not with 'ch'.

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