Re: [mu SETUP] setup 2 NE2000 network cards

From: John Theo (
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 23:37:06 CEST

>> I have a problem with configurating my secound NE2000 comp. network card.
>> First one was no problem, but where can I list the secound one with its
>> parameters (e.g. io=0x280)?

        The cards are the same? I've some problem with my "ne2k-pci", i've configured it like a "ne". The Ethernet-Howto for 2 cards say:
"What needs to be done so that Linux can run two ethernet cards?

With the Driver as a Module: Most linux distributions use modular drivers now (as opposed to having the driver built into the kernel). In the case of PCI drivers, the module will typically detect all of the installed cards of that brand model automatically. However, for ISA cards, probing for a card is not a safe operation, and hence you typically need to supply the I/O base address of the card so the module knows where to look. This information is typically stored in the file /etc/conf.modules. "

        This can help you?


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