From: Nick Gribble (nick@scottishtowns.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 02:10:05 CEST

To anybody
I can't seem to get my modem configured correctly. It's just a
common-or-garden 56k internal job but whatever settings I use I can't get
muLinux to find it. Perhaps because it's internal? Windows95 reports it as
being COM3 (for which I use /dev/ttyS2 in muLinux) at 0x3E8 to 0x3EF and
IRQ12 but neither these settings nor the probe settings (-) get useable
answers. The probe is reporting 16550 UARTs at tty00, 0x3f8, irq4 and tty01
0x2f8, irq3, but these don't seem to work either. I've tried reconfiguring
via setup -f port and setup -f ppp but no joy. Should I be using ttyS2 at
all, since it's in an internal ISA slot?
Nick Gribble

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