Re: [flug] [OT musica italiana] Impressioni di 'Prime Pagine' ?

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 14:42:47 CEST

Am 04.05.1999, 01:51:01, schrieb Michele Andreoli:

> Anch'io. Mai sentito parlare di Gen Verde etc.

> Karl-Heinz, be honest: do you want test own musical knowledge?
> Is those fictitius authors, bands and songs?


Not at all: if i remember correctly the band comes from a little
village somewhere near Firenze. I thinks it is called Incisa Val'Arno,
but i am not very sure...

Anyway: i thought a band that is famous enough to make a performance
in the halls of 'Congress Centrum Hamburg' should be well known at

Maybe this missing knowledge of yours has something to do with the
fact that most people today are to much concentrated in making money
or some other strange things and are not at all interested in
I am not running to church every sunday and i am *not* wandring around
trying to convince people, but at my humble opinion religion is still
worth /some/ thoughts, isn't it?

Sorry if all that is annoying for you, i will stop at once! ;-)

My only hope was to receive some comments on the question /how/ the
performance of that musical of Gen Verde is made and what is their
style today.



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