Re: pppd

From: Nick Gribble (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 19:53:51 CEST

Thanks - I've actually tried all that already but no luck. The modems don't
actually say that they're win-modems but I guess maybe they are. Either way,
I'm going to have to give up I think as I've tried all I can think of, which
is a shame. I've even been into the bios and set the configuration manually
but it doesn't make any difference. The probe seems to be finding the com
ports 1&2 fine since they've got 16550s attached on the motherboard, but the
ISA slots are another story altogether.
BTW, I see from my installation that the version of muLinux I've got (which
I downloaded only last week from to make sure it was the
latest available) reports itself as being 2.0.36, but I see emails flashing
around talking about version 2.4 and higher. Do I have the latest version?
If not, where IS the main site now - did you go to Sun?
Nick Gribble

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