Version info in distribution file names

From: Kochenburger Andreas (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 16:44:26 CEST

In order to reduce download time and money I recommend
to append version info to all distribution files.

AFAIK the 5r7 release comprises: --> version?
  X11.tgz --> version?
  GCC.tgz --> version?
  Modules-36.tgz --> version 36?
  mulinux-5r7.tgz --> version 5r7

How can one know whether the first three files have been updated
in the ftp-server with the last release when they don't have version info?
The change history in README.change at least says that there has
been some rework with X apps, so I suspect that X11.tgz has been
updated too.


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