Re: Version info in distribution file names

From: Johannes Niess (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 17:16:37 CEST

At 04:44 PM 5/6/99 +0200, you wrote:
>In order to reduce download time and money I recommend
>to append version info to all distribution files.
>AFAIK the 5r7 release comprises:
> --> version?
> X11.tgz --> version?
> GCC.tgz --> version?
> Modules-36.tgz --> version 36?
> mulinux-5r7.tgz --> version 5r7
>How can one know whether the first three files have been updated
>in the ftp-server with the last release when they don't have version info?

You can check the dates, but it is not reliable.
Versions in file names lead to more complex installation scripts. You have
to figure out the highest version number (without using dates). Or you
have to put in the right version names in every release.
On the other hand there can be only one X11.tgz per directory.

>The change history in README.change at least says that there has
>been some rework with X apps, so I suspect that X11.tgz has been
>updated too.

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