Mulinux working hardware(so far)

From: winsor (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 23:38:23 CEST

just a few minor hardware reports here
Using Mulinux 5.5

Creative Labs Riva TNT 16 meg video card working fine using default 16
color X server.
Cirrus logic5446 works Trident 8900c works and trident 9680 works.
Cirrus logic 5436 work but needs to have the No_bitblt switch set or X
goes nutz*LoL*

USR V.90 56K Faxmodem (with jumpers) works great in non plug n play
also have a zoom 56K dual mode modem running in "non plug n play mode"

Linksys Etherlan II PCI ethernet card working using ne driver
io=0xF780(as configured in win95)
also have numerous ne2000 clones working under Mulinux set jumpers to
default io=0x300 irq=10

and as a special surprise;
Digital research
Opti 82C931 Plug n' play sound card(jumperless)
Had to reset irq to 5 and DMA to 0 via autoexec.bat in win95(DOS)with

funny uses the "PC speaker" driver in Mulinux
it reads and plays music "blue" cd's (cd-r's) while under M$ system it
tells me that there's no disk in the drive.

Creative labs Soundblaster16 plug n play works fine.

Mitsubishi Amity CN-1 notebook worked till I broke it;P (I messed up the
configuration files*LoL*)

 I've also managed to get one of my Compaq LTE\Lite 25 notebooks(with
docking station)running as a gateway server using the IP_masq in the
default distribution.

Having numerous systems with different hardware in each to experiment
with I'll be sending reports as often as I get time to try configuring
each system.

BTW: as per my earlier message about "kernel panic".......Mulinux runs
fine on this system.....but the install kernel just won't boot comes up
with a message about being unable to mount VFS.......but I'll figure it
one of these days.
I have a great time playing with these tiny distributions......and
create install disks for almost anyone that seems interested.........
Thanks for creating MUlinux

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