AW: Version info in distribution file names

From: Kochenburger Andreas (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 12:36:19 CEST

If it is too difficult to make a script that treats f.ex.
X11_11.tgz and X11_2.tgz alike then it would help to
inform verbally at least when an archive had been updated.
Obviously the place for that is the file README.change.

With this a user of old release WrX who wants to try new
release YrZ could check which files have been changed in the
mean time. And to know perhaps that s/he just needs to
get the new file mulinux_yrz.tgz and that all the other files
are still up to date.


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Betreff: Re: Version info in distribution file names

You are right. This choice is a problem.

Vantages for this choice are:

                1) a easy administration of new releases and
                   image rebuilding (mu script)
                2) i can upload, without removing old archive
                3) DOSTOOLS can install any version

Addons changes with low frequency: what you think about different release
number of this archive? Can this confuse a little, I believe.

A direct inclusion of X11 and GCC in mulinux.tgz main archive is a bad
idea, I think.

muLinux is so small and mirrors can download ALL the web space with a
little effort, I believe.


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