Putting mulinux on bootable ext2 partition

From: Matthew Probst (matthew@home.yak.org)
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 18:07:58 CEST

I'm attempting to piece together a Linux system from scratch, for
educational purposes. I'd like to get a minimal system installed on a
486/100 with 512MB hard drive and 16M ram. mulinux seems to be the best
choice to start with since it has glibc and other useful shrunk utilties
that I could gradually replace.

Yes, I know it isn't really practical, I should just use a major
distribution. Well, the whole point is to "bootstrap" the system so that
I can get an absolutely minimal system, with no special package management
databases or other cruft.

I have another box on the same network segment with it, and both machines
are on I've succeeded in making ext2 and swap partitions
on the hard drive, and copying the distribution over to this partition.

I'm assuming that to make the system boot from this partition I would have
to set up a tarfile of lilo on my other Linux box, and use fetch or some
other file transfer mechanism to copy it to the hard drive partition and
run it with an appropriate config file. Is this indeed the easiest way to
do this, or is there an easier way? mulinux will be the only OS on this

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