Re: mulinux and IBM-386

From: Johannes Niess (
Date: Sat May 08 1999 - 02:45:22 CEST

At 02:12 AM 5/8/99 +0200, wrote:
>hallo,this morning I tryed to use mulinux on two old IBM but on the first pc
>hang at the boot after the message:pci...:no BIOS32 and stop the work,on the
>second like the same but with the message:memory is too low(or something
>like this)please insert the root floppy(what root floppy?)and
>after:VFS...unable to open console,but when the machine have low memory
>mulinux don't have to sart the clone process by itself?
>the machine:IBM Personal System/2 mod.55 sx (low memory)
>IBM Personal System/2 mod. 80 386(no BIOS32) with this I try to use XDENU
>'cause have an old kernel and at the boot a message come:keybord error,with
>other like TOM... or some boot-rescue floppy the message is allways the
>first(nobios) why only old kernel say:keyb error?

These machines use the MCA (microchannel) bus. It is supported in kernel
version 2.2. I suspect floppy, keyboard and all the other stuff is also a
bit different.

Johannes Niess

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