RE: mu [SETUP] mulinux 5r7 serialbugs

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 03:17:52 CEST

From: Michele Andreoli
Sent: 15 May 1999 17:29
Subject: Re: mu [SETUP] mulinux 5r7 serialbugs

On Sat, May 15, 1999 at 11:30:49AM +0100, Dave Houghton wrote:
> If you have a look at my muLinux mirror site at
> you will find mulinux-5r7B.tgz which has the above forced "setup -f port" writen into "setup ppp"

it seems your knowledge of "Mu" script and /setup/fun stuff is enough
for a parallel contribution.

Why you don't develope some specific addon or software component for

Developing addon is very easy: it's enough to clone X11.cnf and,
adding the addon name in /setup/addons.

I would like a floppy addon named TEX with a basic latex+lyx, for
university students.

Yes and I suppose you want Ghostscript, bdslpr and magic filters for all those non dvi/postscript
printers out there. You aren't asking much are you? The last time I setup teTeX for someone I had
nightmares for weeks after !
I'll have a go, but remember that even the most basic version is going to take a lot of .tgz space on
disk so you may need two disks. It also takes a lot of memory/resources which goes against the
small spec machines.
If these addons carry on like this you'll have to rename your distribution to milliLinux !!

Your mirror don't appairs yet on muLinux pages, because I'm going to
upload the 6r0 release.

No but it appears on one of the german sites (can't remember which one) Thanks to them.
6r0 release ?? and I'd just ironed the bugs out of 5r7 as well. Oh well


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