Re: mu SETUP

From: Doherty, Gord (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 17:28:35 CEST

I have two questions/problems:

1. ) I am running muLinux with an SVGA server, quite successfully. However,
when I run an application on a remote host, which defines its own colour
it uses instead the default colour map in XF86Config, ie. "rgb.txt". How
can I get the application to use its own colour map ?

2. ) I have tried to upgrade XFree86 to version 3.3. I get X to come up OK,
but when fvwm95-2 is started, I get a message in startx.log "348:
Segmentation Fault".
Any ideas why ? I have updated the libraries to libc6.

Any suggestions on either of these problems would be appreciated.

Gordon Doherty.

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