Boot Problem

From: Bernhard Reiter (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 19:50:44 CEST

Hi MuLinuxer,

seems that I have a problem with loadlin here.
I try to Install from DOS.

My first problem was, that (as you know) netscape sometimes
not saves the file in binary mode though I pressed Shift-Reload.
May I humbly suggest something which might help to ease the pain
of this problem:

        Tell users in the Installation Guide to check the size of the
files with the original size (which has to be written down somewhere,
of course.)

        Tell users that if install.bat fails, with soem tar error
it might be the case that they don't have that file mut*.tgz in binary

        Check that all download webservers do use a binary MIME type
when serving (like application/octet-stream). netscape might even act
nice then..

Back to my problem, when I run install.bat (from Drive e:)
where everything is installed accordingly to the guide, it loads the
kernel, but cannot mount the root filesystem resulting in kernel panic:
cannot mount root filesystem on 03:41.
The Problem with this system here is, that it doesn't have a regular
floppy, but a superfloppy at /dev/hdb. And that there is an additional
NTFS partition on the same harddisc.

So the question is, is this a problem with loadlin?
How should the kernel find the ramdiskimage?

Any hints?

ps.: I am not on this mailinglist, please cc: replies to me.

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