Re: my E-mail format

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 09:24:47 CEST

Am 19.05.1999, 05:05:29, schrieb Dave Houghton:

> >Grrr: your email seems very unreadable for my mail-reader.
> >very long *quoted" lines. Why?
> >
> >I cannot read your email without big efforts.

> Is there anyone else with problems reading my postings apart
> from Michele?

> Lets try something:-

> Hows this (auto color)

> or this (indented for old messages)

> or is it just because Windoze Sucks
> and we are all using sendmail (aren't we ?)

> any HELPFULL comments on the above lines would be most welcome


all the lines above apeare for me to be simply left-justified, without
any quotation marks and without any color (of course).

I do not know the name of your Mail Client but maybe there's a way to
activate a 'plain-ascii' switch somewhere in it ?

UNIX/Linux users often have mail readers that work best with plain
ascii (or at least 'quoted printable') so perhaps it might be a good
idea to send your last message again and let us look how it apears in
ascii format...



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