[mu TECH] technical questions [ english ]

From: Wirasinghe,Marco (Marco.Wirasinghe@Airliquide.com)
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 17:02:38 CEST

Hi there again everyone...again.
Sorry to disturb, but I'm curious why things are being a little strange in
the way they work.

I've done some development stuff on Red Hat 6.0 - a small app that does
communication with a UDP socket, and works with the serial port (at the file
level, not device level -ex. port addressing, etc). Well, I compiled the
program on Red Hat, and rebooted with muLinux - mounted the Red Hat drive
(HD), and moved to the directory where i compiled everything. I can SEE the
executeable - it even has a little * at the end of the file. But when i try
to run it, it says "file not found". I tried both

> filename


> ./filename

and it didn't work. I didn't know why it doesn't work or anything. Any ideas
I also copied the source into another clean directory, and tried to use the
GCC package that came with muLinux, and I was missing a file
(/include/linux/in.h) - so i copied it from the Red Hat system. Was this a
good idea ? Well, I bypassed the "missing in.h" line on the compilation, but
now i ended up with a whole slew of missing items. I think this wasn't going
to work, but does anyone know how i could compile stuff for muLinux ? Right
now, I'm using a simple "gcc -o name name.c". Any ideas anyone ? I know this
isn't a "hello world" program, but i didn't think it was too much either. I
only use socket & simple file open routines....help ?

Thank you.


PS. Any hopes of a FAQ ? to answer this question on development or running
created apps ? or even how to develop for muLinux ?
Thank you again.

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