Re: [mu SETUP] installation problems [ english ]

From: winsor (
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 16:56:16 CEST

Wirasinghe,Marco wrote:
> Hi there.
> Firstly, i'd like to say that all over you involved in this project
> have done a great job. It looks quite fabulous about the capabilities
> in Linux, and the amount of core still remaining in muLinux is
> phenomenal.
> Now, as to the problem I am having.
> Curent configuartion:
> PMMX system, with a 3c509B (and I also tried a different 3c509TP).
> I'm doing all the work, loading the main package, and also the GCC
> package from the floppy. I've done the whole setup
> according to the defaults provided in the installation. The only
> problem comes when i reach the ethernet setup option.
> I specified the 3c509 option, and for the address I put in are the
> addresses given to me by running 3Com's utility information.
> The exact line i typed in for the 3c509B, and the 3c509TP,
> respectively, are:
> io=0x210 irq=9
> io=0x300 irq=11
> it accepted the lines, but on the following line afterwards came the
> messege:
> Symbol "io" not found
> when i checked the dev directory one the system was up, i didn't see
> any ethX devices, nor when i pinged anything did it work.
> Do you have any idea how to fix this error ? Assistance would be
> GREATLY appreciated.
> Oh, I did specify a dummy network, and that worked fine. The Symbol
> "io" not found seemed to be the critical error.
> Sincerely,
> Marco Wirasinghe
> PS. Has anyone else seen this message ?
The 3c509 card doesn't use the io and IRQ parameters.
try setting up again without giving any parameters for the card and it
should work.
>From what I've seen only the NE2000 uses these parameters.
good luck

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