[mu SETUP]

From: Wirasinghe,Marco (Marco.Wirasinghe@Airliquide.com)
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 19:58:35 CEST

> What's funny is i ran into another problem. I selected the dhcpd
> option, but i didn't get a place to specify my hostname (except in the
> dummy network area, but this didn't work). Any ideas on how to
> configure that information with anything ? (config file somewhere to
> specify a hostname ?)
> sincerely,
> marco

the correct file to edit is /setup/hosts
Most linux distribs have a hostname file......sorry about that
there is a /etc/hosts@ file but(and I may be wrong here) it's a symbolic
link to /setup/hosts
in this file there should currently be a line like this localhost

add a line with your internal IP# and your chioce of internal hostname
sorta' like this localhost me.mynet


by winsor
Ok, but the only thing that might be a problem is that when using DHCP, you
don't know what
IP address you're going to be assigned. This is my problem - any idea on how
to work around this ? Anyone ?


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