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From: winsor (
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 19:15:59 CEST

Wirasinghe,Marco wrote:
> ISSUE: 3c509 Configuration
> Hi there everyone. I just tested out the 3c509 configuration with ""
> for the io & irq question during installation - and IT WORKED ! I got
> an address from a DHCP server. Great going everyone ! I appreciate all
> the help in this. Special thanx to all those who helped on the issue -
> espicaially:
> (in no particular order - <grin>)
> Winsor
> Gordon Doherty.
> Thank you for this help in getting the eth device up and running.
> What's funny is i ran into another problem. I selected the dhcpd
> option, but i didn't get a place to specify my hostname (except in the
> dummy network area, but this didn't work). Any ideas on how to
> configure that information with anything ? (config file somewhere to
> specify a hostname ?)
> sincerely,
> marco
the correct file to edit is /setup/hosts
Most linux distribs have a hostname file......sorry about that
there is a /etc/hosts@ file but(and I may be wrong here) it's a symbolic
link to /setup/hosts
in this file there should currently be a line like this localhost

add a line with your internal IP# and your chioce of internal hostname
sorta' like this localhost me.mynet

the above is JUST an example

you can also add similiar lines pointing to any other "internal
machines" on your network, and this'll act as a makeshift internal DNS
Good luck
and sorry about my earlier incompetance*LoL*

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