Re: [mu Setup] problems with mouse and soundcard

From: Hans-Juergen Geiss (
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 22:00:00 CEST

Hello Michele.

I have updated to muLinux V 6r4 yesterday.

The no-name-mouse works. Systest did not find it out, but in the X-Window-
System the pointer is moving now.

Was it the update of muLinux or why I pushed this strange button on the
mouse to increase the pointer speed or is it why I have bought a new mouse
(not yet unpacked)? :-)

> > When I move the mouse and call cat /proc/interrupts again, the number
> > after 3: will be increased. Does that mean the interrupts will be done?
> Ingenius man! I think you are right. Your argument suggest me a
> better systest ...

Always a pleasure. :-)

> Don't trust in this rustic script, please. try using gpm mouse server,
> the final response:

That was a good idea. The gpm mouse server works, although the systest
failed. The compatible sound card still does not work.

On the other computer the mouse (now Logitech Pilot) doesn't work under
gpm or X-Window. But there the command systest finds it.

> > It is pluged in the serial port...
> :)) A metallic muLinux fan, this. Are you german?

Yes, I am german (with a small rustic english vocabulary).
And You are a good observer. ;-)))

> Hans, be honest: you've made technical studies, isn't true?

I am a civil engineer, specialized in waste water treatment.


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