Problem with install to floppy routine

From: Ripcrd6 (
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 23:24:49 CEST

I tried to make the floppies last night from the downloaded files for
muLinux 6.2.
I kept getting an error message after the script started, something about
the interrupt and a screen full of numbers in parentheses. I assumed it
was a problem with the AGP card in my PC ( the numbers looked to me like
coordinates or memory addresses). After changing over to a PCI based video
card that I know is supported in Linux I still got the same message.
Basically the screen would fill about five times with numbers and the same
error message would show five times then the PC would freeze. I had to Ctl
+ Alt + Del to get control.
    Any ideas? I can write back later with the exact error if necessary.
PC has a AMD K-6 300, PC Chips mobo M571 and a 3.2 GB HD. I'm not for
sure if I'm under a fat32 or fat16 system (I saw in the instructions that
this could cause a problem), but I was able to start the install.bat from
DOS. Anyway, tell me what I'm doing wrong or what other information you

Brian Kelsay
tiny Linux enthusiast

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