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Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 07:58:10 CEST

In some way it was only a way to find out how old pc you can use today.
I bought it from a friend a weekend in the city, for a drink... including
But I Žam still sure that it is useful for something, it is just a question
to find out what you are going to use it for.
I know that it is not a multimedia pc, but nowadays I am still missing that
the software developers, were making their programs just a little bit more
Yes. it is right that almost anyone can afford a 500 MHz PC. But a new car
has not been outranged in about 3 years.
And these old PC worked actually good those days, when there was people who
knew that the power and disk capacity was not unlimited.
But , anyway. It has been a nice diskussion. And I will keep on trying
anyway...until i give up... then I will trash it. It has not been too
expencive for mee.

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> > As I know is MIMIX just a study from Andrew Tannenbaum, Nederlands. Ok,
> > it looks like Unix, but... The development stops 10 years ago.
> >
> MINIX inspired Linus Torvalds, the Linux creator. If somebody are
> interested on the Linus Torvalds vs A. Tannenbaum battle, can do
> some searching on the net. I've read, time ago, a nice document with
> a set of emails extract from comp.os.minix, about the question
> "monolitic kernel" (Linus) vs. "microkernel" (Tannenbaum).
> Oh Gog, Tannenbaum was in right, I think!
> Anyway, MINIX is dead because was not free.
> > Why, who is using a 286 today?
> I'm with you: many company, around the world, trash thousand of old
> 386.
> -Michele
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