RE: 286, /dev/psaux

From: Brett Castleberry (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 15:56:58 CEST

> In some way it was only a way to find out how old pc you can use today.
> I bought it from a friend a weekend in the city, for a drink... including
> monitor.
> But I Žam still sure that it is useful for something, it is just a question
> to find out what you are going to use it for.

   I used to have a PS/2 50 (286) that worked fine as a word processor
with Word 6. The wife of one of my professors uses a 286 this way also.
So it makes a good typewriter.
   Change of subject: muLinux 6r4 detects my /dev/psaux mouse fine, but I
still cannot startx on my 486/33 at work. The startx.log says:
xinit: can't load library ''.

Brett Castleberry

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