[MU config] A couple of questions...

From: Josh Levine (levine@gdi.net)
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 23:21:44 CEST

I've got a couple questions about configuring muLinux.

The first is: Is there any way I can use muLinux to get mail from one
pop box (with fetchmail) and sort it into individual pop boxes on the
server (based on who it is addressed too)? Or is it impossible because
muLinux doesn't have user names?

The second is: Is it possible to secure muLinux a little more (at least
allowing logins from only one user name or a common password or

The third is: Why does it beep every so often?

The fourth is: Is it possible to use SMB to make the muLinux computer
export shares accessible to Win95/98/NT computers?

Thank you for your help,
Josh Levine

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