Re: [MU config] A couple of questions...

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sun Jun 27 1999 - 20:59:51 CEST

On Fri, Jun 25, 1999 at 05:21:44PM -0400, Josh Levine wrote:
> I've got a couple questions about configuring muLinux.

E vai!

> The first is: Is there any way I can use muLinux to get mail from one
> pop box (with fetchmail) and sort it into individual pop boxes on the
> server (based on who it is addressed too)? Or is it impossible because
> muLinux doesn't have user names?

You need of so-called "procmail" popular program on Linux. BTW, muLinux
mail system is really a rescue/hacking joke. Your idea is good in
a production environment, but in a little system as muLinux is, I am
just happy if email of some sort incoming!

> The second is: Is it possible to secure muLinux a little more (at least
> allowing logins from only one user name or a common password or
> something)?

I can add some rustic authentication, it's true, but this false
security is not so good idea, believe. Really, also the full Linuxes
are insecure in this sens: you can put on the PC the muLinux floppy,
to mount the root partition and to modify /etc/passwd!

> The third is: Why does it beep every so often?

!!! But this is the new "cron" feature in muLinux! The beep is a demo
(any 3 minutes). Edit the /etc/crontab and put a "#" in front the
relevant line.

> The fourth is: Is it possible to use SMB to make the muLinux computer
> export shares accessible to Win95/98/NT computers?

Eccolo la', lo sapevo!
No. muLinux is mainly a client, also an SMB client, of course.
For this, we need of a full Samba installation.


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