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From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 12:35:09 CEST

Am 21.06.1999, 10:39:52, schrieb Sebastien HUET:

> Michele Andreoli wrote:

> > Fews word about linguistic studies: I studied
> > french at school, for about 8 years! This is
> > very strange: why I forgotten all?

> Strange, may be lost in /dev/null with my 9 years
> of german...

> Does someone have a /dev/null explorer ?

There /is/ such a thing but unfortunately it's unlikely that Michele
could successfully use it. :-(

A good way to reactivate lost knowledge of the lingua franchese is to
wander along in town and being asked for the way by some really nice
french ladies spending their holiday in Italy: of course a clever man
would instantly offer his help and start a guided tour through the
city showing and describing the most beautiful places, monuments and

It's impressive how fast very old language-knowledges return to the
brain in such cases but alas(!) if i remember correctly Michele is
married and this could mean a serious reason not to look for intense
contact to beautiful french ladies... :-)

So the best that comes to my mind is Plan B: take your family to
France and make a french sightseeing (and wine tasting?) tour with
them: e.g. Languedoc and Provence should be not so far away.

Greetings from sunny Hamburg,


    "My God, it's full of penguins!"
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