Re: using perl in muLinux

From: Göran Wallén (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 02:29:33 CEST

Endersby, Gordon wrote:

> Has anyone managed to get perl working with muLinux ?
> If anyone has already solved this I would be grateful for there advise.

It is easy to use perl in muLinux:
The problems are:
1) You must find the right self-installation perl for lib 5
I have used perl1.tgz (that is some kind of perl5.003)
I checked today and you can find it with
(originally it was on slackware/slakware/d12)

2) The easiest way to pack it up on different catalogues is
with the complete tar, in mulinux you have to use tar and gz I think.
(With the complete tar (not mulinux) you unpack in / with
"tar xzvf perl1.tgz")

3) There are three libs 5 missing in muLinux to run perl:
(You can find them in most lib 5 or try with ftpsearch)
(If you get a later version of the lib you must do a link
in /lib e.g ln -s )

4) make a symbolic link in /usr/bin from perl5.003 till perl
(ln -s perl5.003 perl) otherwise you must write perl5.003
all the time.
Göran Wallén

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