Re: [security advisory?] netcat + mulinux oddities

Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 16:48:34 CEST

On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 10:54:14AM +0000, Michele Andreoli wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 29, 1999 at 11:50:45PM -0500, Jeremy wrote:
> > mulinux# history
> > [snip]
> > 1000 telnet example-machine
> history? But this command is unsupported on muLinux, I believe.
> Some hidden feature of ILE?

All I had to do was press the up-arrow to scroll through my
old commands. I could not do a set -o vi, to use my standard
<esc>-[k|j] to scroll through old commands though. It seems to
default to a pico-like set of controls for scrolling through
old commands

> The *rustic* telnet can't do that, because this string comes with all the
> rest; the fake telnet can't disable the echoing and therefore re-negoziate
> the connection.
> BTW, we can use ssh, isn't true?

Yep, but one must add an additional floppy for this, true?
I was not under the impression that ssh was included on the
single-floppy version of MuLinux. Since I'm booting off of
just one floppy (for my dedicated router box), I can't really
use an additional floppy...

Perhaps I'm wrong, though, and ssh IS on the default floppy.
If so, I'll only need to reconfig MuLinux to load it :)


I read somewhere, I think in the scriptures, that "all that
is complex is useless, and all that is useful is simple", and
this has been the motto of my life.
-- Mikhael Timoforevich Kalishnikov--creator of the AK47
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