Re: [security advisory?] netcat + mulinux oddities

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 12:54:14 CEST

On Tue, Jun 29, 1999 at 11:50:45PM -0500, Jeremy wrote:

> mulinux# history
> [snip]
> 1000 telnet example-machine

history? But this command is unsupported on muLinux, I believe.
Some hidden feature of ILE?

> in a nutshell, netcat seems pretty foobar'd, at least in this setup (no, i
> don't know how generalized this is to mulinux or to netcat, i'm away from
> the flock to test this more). can anyone confirm? is this a problem with this
> particular setup (ie termcap, key bindning, etc...), mulinux/nc, or netcat
> in general?

The problem is that: the *true* telnet app disable echoing first of gotting
the "password:" string from the remote side.
The *rustic* telnet can't do that, because this string comes with all the
rest; the fake telnet can't disable the echoing and therefore re-negoziate
the connection.

BTW, we can use ssh, isn't true?

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