RE: Internal fax-modem doesn't work

From: Bonilla, David (
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 00:39:05 CEST

If you planned to run X you may consider.

Sis6xxx they are AGP Xfree doesn't support them very well. I had to diseable
AGP and fit a PCI SVGA card 2 Mb ram.

CM8330 Even with RH was a pain in the ass.. i was looking for OSS license
and OSS/Free license came for free within Kernels 2.2.9. CM8330 does not
have anything to do with Sound Blater, Did you make your soundcar work with

Modem.. hum.. I guess i ssaw those modems before into Compaq pc or so.. is
it an Manufacturer specific? if it won't work.. or it won't work as
we wish..
Look for jumpers in your modem. Some modems have jumpers but people set them
as PnP. They can be set up to specific port an IRQ. Try to set it as Com2.

Oh yes buy an intel processor ;P~

David Bonilla

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From: Ladislau Balazsi []
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 1999 2:45 PM
Subject: Internal fax-modem doesn't work

I have a home made PC with AMD K6 200Mhz/16RAM with a SiS6215 video chip
and a CMI8330 sound chip on board and a HSP 288 internal modem ISA card
 made by PCTEL (COM2 disabled)
How can I make my modem work with muLINUX? (he like only WIN95 and is not
working so great...slow speed=$ ).
Win95 settings may help you?
-mouse COM1 IRQ4 I/O 3F8
-modem COM4 IRQ3 I/O 2E8
-soundcard IRQ5 I/O 220 (sound blaster)
-printer IRQ7 I/O 378
I have muLINUX v 4r0...
                Anyway thanks a lot... newbie LACI

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