Re: Internal fax-modem doesn't work

From: Brett G. Castleberry (
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 05:02:04 CEST

I don't like to be contrary, but I have a Trident AGP graphics card and an
AMD 300 CPU, and muLinux works fine. I would suggest upgrading to muLinux
5.7 or 6.4, though. Is your modem dialing and not connecting, or is it not
dialling at all?

Brett G. Castleberry
Tallahassee, Florida
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Subject: RE: Internal fax-modem doesn't work

> If you planned to run X you may consider.
> Sis6xxx they are AGP Xfree doesn't support them very well. I had to
> AGP and fit a PCI SVGA card 2 Mb ram.
> CM8330 Even with RH was a pain in the ass.. i was looking for OSS license
> and OSS/Free license came for free within Kernels 2.2.9. CM8330 does not
> have anything to do with Sound Blater, Did you make your soundcar work
> mulinux?
> Modem.. hum.. I guess i ssaw those modems before into Compaq pc or so.. is
> it an Manufacturer specific? if it won't work.. or it won't work as
> we wish..
> Look for jumpers in your modem. Some modems have jumpers but people set
> as PnP. They can be set up to specific port an IRQ. Try to set it as Com2.
> Oh yes buy an intel processor ;P~
> David Bonilla
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> From: Ladislau Balazsi []
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> Subject: Internal fax-modem doesn't work
> I have a home made PC with AMD K6 200Mhz/16RAM with a SiS6215 video chip
> and a CMI8330 sound chip on board and a HSP 288 internal modem ISA card
> made by PCTEL (COM2 disabled)
> How can I make my modem work with muLINUX? (he like only WIN95 and is not
> working so great...slow speed=$ ).
> Win95 settings may help you?
> -mouse COM1 IRQ4 I/O 3F8
> -modem COM4 IRQ3 I/O 2E8
> -soundcard IRQ5 I/O 220 (sound blaster)
> -printer IRQ7 I/O 378
> I have muLINUX v 4r0...
> Anyway thanks a lot... newbie LACI
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