[mu TECH] Trackball mouse?

From: Daniel Brooks (brooksd@milwaukee.tec.wi.us)
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 21:18:14 CEST


Does anyone know what /dev/??? to use for the trackball on my laptop?
This seems to be the only thing in the way of getting X to run (I hope)
The laptop docs describe it as a "Built in 16mm, serial trackball w/2
buttons" in the mu setup, if I use /ttys4 I do not get a failed initialization
message but X still does not start. The startx.log says "Cannot open
mouse (no such directory). Any hints?

From the "Just an idea" department-
I have been using muLinux for a while and I am very pleased and happy
with it. I have also played with other UMSDOS based distributions namely
Xdenu and Mini Linux. Both of these appear to be based on Slackware
and provide methods of installing packages. Both include X servers but
no window managers and no window manager packages at their sites.
After using these other distros I got to thinking if it is possible for someone
to create a package installer for muLinux and some useful apps to go with
it specifically for use with a "cloned" system. I don't want to take Michele
away from the great work he is doing and I know this was not the original
intentions behind muLinux but it works so well that it would be nice to be
able to expand a little. Maybe the package tools could be included on
the EXT addon disk and the packages could be available as seperate
downloads. Just something to think about.

Daniel Brooks

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