Re: [mu TECH] Trackball mouse?

Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 00:10:44 CEST

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<< Does anyone know what /dev/??? to use for the trackball on my laptop?
 This seems to be the only thing in the way of getting X to run (I hope)
 The laptop docs describe it as a "Built in 16mm, serial trackball w/2
 buttons" in the mu setup, if I use /ttys4 I do not get a failed
 message but X still does not start. The startx.log says "Cannot open
 mouse (no such directory). Any hints? >>

I second this query! I'd prefer using the trackball on my Toshiba 1900C
486SX/20, but can only use a serial mouse! I can startx in both cases, but
can't do much when the trackball mouse is attached! The serial mouse is a
pain on the road (with my laptop) 'cause the cable is all over the place!

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