[mu FUN] what is muLINUX? - for newbies like me

From: Ladislau Balazsi (laci@toptech.ro)
Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 22:30:32 CEST

        muLINUX is a PIZZA made by yourself using ingredients from Michele's
garden ( grazie Michele !!!...), and can be very good but depends on how
good cooker are you. Right now some of my fingers are gone and my knife is
laughing at me, but adding two beers life seems so wonderfull...
But... if you don't like pizza, you may go to the "McSoft", the fast-food
from the corner and you can buy the same bad burger with so nice names (
95, 98, 2K ) ... Pay for your indigestion...
As seen on TV: " What do you want to eat today? "

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