[mu FUN] Return to Inocence

From: Ladislau Balazsi (laci@toptech.ro)
Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 22:32:18 CEST

        History: 10 years ago I worked on a Sinclair Spectrum, a Z 80 machine,
programing in Basic, making projects, and waiting a lot of minutes to have
the results. Who remember the simplicity of use...and the audio tapes with
Today my computer is smarter than me, he make what he wants, and I have to
waste my time and money to learn how to make "clicks" for simple tasks.
Where is the lost land of "easy to use" ?
It's like you have to build your own restaurant when you're just
hungry...to eat a decent meal and than to pay to the waiter, and of course
don't forget the tip !!! Are we the slaves of tehnology ?

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